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Illustration, human brain inside of a cardboard packing box.

At Golden State Storage

There as many different types of boxes as there are needs.  Keep dirt and dust off your stored items.   Make them easier to carry and store.  Get familiar with your box options and why you need them:

SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE – these are your typical cube boxes with sizes intended for general use.Small boxes for small items and larger boxes for larger items; however, larger should not always mean heavier.  Heavy items are better protected and more moveable when placed in the smallest box possible.  It makes sense to protect your back and prevent your box from falling apart – when packing heavy items it is better to use 2 small boxes than one large box that is difficult to move and may fall apart if overfilled.

GLASS KIT – specially designed and rigid, Glass Packing Kits have space for each individual glass for better protection, especially for stemmed glasses and crystal.

DISH BOX – reinforced to securely hold dishes and kitchen bowls and platters.

WARDROBE – these sturdy boxes come with an included bar to easily hang your clothing.  Wardrobe boxes can be used in storage or even in your bedroom for additional closet space.

TV BOX – oversized boxes with padded corners for transporting your large flatscreens.  TV manufacturers recommend you never lay your set on its side and these boxes make it easier to stand up your TV in storage.

MIRROR BOX – as the name suggests, these boxes are designed to specifically protect mirrors.

BANKERS BOX / FILING BOXES –similar in size to a small box, but with an easily removable lid, these boxes allow you to store papers and important documents while keeping them organized.

MATTRESS BOXES –these are boxes to protect your mattress from dirt and makes for easier moving.


Of course, for extra protection, you should consider packing and cushioning padding items like bubble wrap and packing peanuts for your boxed items!