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How to Beat the Heat

With scorching temperatures rising during summer it is integral to make sure that you are staying cool and prepping yourself strategically during any outside activities. While there are more obvious methods to stay cool like wearing clothing that is lightweight, there are also lesser used methods such as wearing light colored and loose fitting clothing with fabric that allows for passage of air. Another way to combat the pitfalls of the heat is to be mindful of your diet by avoiding caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks as these items can possibly cause greater levels of fatigue as they act as diuretics. Instead it would be beneficial to replace these items with water and smaller meals. In addition to a mindful diet, taking breaks in shady or cool areas helps increase stamina to work for prolonged periods outside. Water can be used strategically for a quick cool down by dowsing water on yourself, using a spray bottle for spritzing or using a wet towel to cool your neck or head. If you find yourself feeling dizzy, weak, or are experiencing lessened cognitive abilities make sure to contact help immediately as you may be suffering from a heat stroke or exhaustion.