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How to Organise and Maximise Your Storage Unit


Storage units offer households and businesses the opportunity to declutter, free up space and manage their resources in a better manner. For these reasons, in the long run, they can even be one of the reasons behind enhanced productivity.

A storage unit may also serve as a safe place to store valuables or possessions and protect them against theft, fires, and other risks. In case of relocation of a house or business, a storage unit can help cut down on the moving costs. It is a very cost-effective and alluring solution to a variety of problems. Storage units with a variety of features are available at varying but reasonable prices.

There are many creative ways to utilise a storage unit and benefit from the possibilities that it offers us. Here are a few tips on how to organise and maximise storage:


Map Out the Storage Space

In order to get the most out of a storage unit, it is important to have a good storage strategy. A random and haphazard approach will just serve to shrink the space available. It is a good idea to take some time to think about the items which will go into the unit. Categorise the items and put them into boxes.

Plan out the storage space according to categories. Map it out with a sketch on paper or using an app. The map does not need to have accuracy in terms of dimensions, just a general idea of what stuff will go where. Being ready with a strategy and a map before storing and organising will ensure ease of access later.


Label the Boxes

Labeling the boxes according to their category of items or rooms is a must. It makes the whole process of procuring things later so much easier and saves time. The best way is to label the top as well as the sides (or at least one side). It is good practice to have a master list corresponding to the labels. Each and every box in the storage unit must have a label. All the items in each box must be noted in the master list with the label number/name. There are several applications available which can be of great help in creating a master list.


Nesting Items and Stacking Boxes

A great way to utilise space effectively is to nest items and boxes. This way, every inch of space is useful. Store smaller items inside larger items. Anything and everything with a hollow space can hold something else. Another good tip to keep in mind is to stack the boxes. While stacking, ensure that the lower boxes are the heavier and larger ones. The lighter boxes go on top. This strategy ensures that there is no toppling over of boxes.


Disassemble Large Items

Wherever possible, the larger items like furniture must be disassembled. It is good practice to store all the small attachments in a ziplock bag near the other pieces. Even taping the ziplock bag to one of the larger pieces in clear view is an option. This ensures that valuable time is not spent in vain looking for the smaller attachments when one needs to reassemble the item. Of course, there are some large items that cannot be disassembled. One needs to find a suitable position to store such an item. However, wherever there is an opportunity to disassemble and store, one must make use of it.


Make Use of the Walls

Most of the storage takes place on the floors of storage units. However, the walls of the unit offer plenty of storage opportunities and possibilities. Hang up stuff like tools and small bags on pegboards. Use shelves on the walls to store items. These pegboards and shelves can go above the boxes and to the sides of the storage unit. One can still push the boxes and furniture as close as possible to the walls. In this manner, one can make use of the floor space and the height of the storage unit efficiently.


Utilise the Ceiling Space

There may be opportunities to use the ceiling for storage. Hang up things using S-hooks and bungee cords. This will require some careful planning, as one still needs to be able to access the items underneath the items that are hung from the ceiling. The weight of the item being hung, the feasibility of hanging it up, and safety concerns if any, are all factors to be taken into account. It is still possible to come up with ingenious ideas even while considering these factors.

The style of living is changing these days. People are increasingly opting for movable modular homes as compared to houses built from scratch on-site. Getting a house ready and relocating is a much faster process now. The convenience that storage units offer during and after relocating is invaluable. After relocation, the less frequently used items are stored away in the storage unit. This opens up ways for organised and clutter-free living and work spaces. Storage methods have changed for the better. The tips above can help in making the best use of the extremely convenient facility which is a storage unit.


Guest Writer

Moriah West

Moriah has an extensive background in urban planning and 4 years of experience in modular home construction. Mixing the two skills together, she has become an expert in helping clients find the home of their dreams while answering any pending questions.