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Moving Day Tips: How To Prep For A Safe Move

Moving is a big deal, whether it is your first time or umpteenth time. The process of moving starts long before the actual moving day. Lots of arrangements are made to ensure that moving day is a hassle-free and easy one.

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Keep a note of your main responsibilities on the moving day. Some of the following tips are for the time leading up to moving day, to gear you for a smooth move; while others are applicable on the moving day itself.


Before Moving Day

Begin the moving process with a robust plan. It helps to have a checklist of tasks. When you move with a plan, there are fewer chances of omitting or forgetting important tasks. The following activities will help ensure a smooth mishap-free moving day when it arrives:


1. Declutter

It can be exhausting to pack up your entire life into boxes, bags, and other containers. Do a ruthless cleanse of useless objects before you pack the first box. Procure the necessary packing boxes and supplies (bubble wrap, locks, packaging tape) beforehand. It may be worthwhile to keep some of your belongings in a storage unit for the time being. Less stuff around the house means fewer boxes and lesser time required for the move.


2. Prepare your body

Relocating involves an extensive amount of physical activity, so getting your body ready for it is crucial. Bodyweight exercises should be a part of your everyday routine for at least a few weeks before the move. When you lift heavy boxes, the first muscles to succumb to fatigue are the forearms. And when that happens, it will also affect your grip. Build your forearm strength with some targeted forearm exercises.


3. Disassemble large furniture beforehand

If you're moving large pieces of furniture, you should have partially dismantled most of those pieces well in advance of moving day. Trying to rush with large furniture on a moving day can cause accidents and injuries.


4. Complete all packing tasks

By the morning of the move-out day, you should have finished all significant packing tasks. Avoid overfilling the boxes (you don’t want them bursting open during the move). Also, ensure that there is not a lot of empty space inside the boxes (such that things can move around and possibly injure someone when the box is opened). It is imperative to get boxes of the right size.


On Moving Day

On the day of your relocation, time management is quite important because you only have a finite amount of hours. Safety is a big concern on a moving day. The following tips will help make it a safe move for all:


1. Start Early

On the morning of the move, wake up with the sun and start the moving process early. It will give you a larger window of time until sunset in which you can complete the move. It goes without saying that daylight moving is safer.

2. Make sure that all pathways are clear

There should be no obstructions (like boxes, furniture, and tools) in the pathways. Also make sure that there is no wetness, mud, snow, or ice on the pathways leading to your house. These efforts will reduce the chances of people tripping, slipping, falling, and getting injured.

3. Safety Gear

Wear comfortable clothes (neither too tight nor too loose) in fabrics that are suitable for the weather and season. Your shoes need to cover your feet and offer a good grip. Sports shoes might serve your purpose best.

4. Use the right lifting techniques

Before you lift an object, think about the way you are going to move it. Give it just a little bit of forethought. When you lift, you need to be able to see the path ahead. Additionally, lift with your knees, not your back (by bending your knees, not your back). Your back needs to be straight, your feet shoulder-width apart and the load should be as close to your body as possible.

5. Keep children and pets away

Children and pets running around in the house and pathways on a moving day make up quite the recipe for disaster. Take the help of friends or family - someone who can take care of them for a day. If none of them are willing or available, opt for a babysitter and a pet sitter.


Wrapping Up

These tips should help you navigate the challenges of moving day better. If you are not feeling very confident about doing it on your own, then you should secure the services of a good moving company. By availing their experience and expertise, you can remain stress-free throughout the moving process.