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A wooden clothespin used to secure a door latch, in place of a lock.

This Is NOT Recommended

At Golden State Storage we keep your stored items safe and secure.  But, there is also one item you need to protect your stored stuff.  Hint: there’s a reason why our logo is a lock!


  • Buy a lock!

The easiest and most important thing you can do to protect your items is to buy a lock.  A good lock!


  • Use your lock!

Every storage unit can and should be locked when you are not onsite.  Although your storage facility has security features like cameras or access codes, a lock on your storage unit is the first line of defense.


  • Use the correct lock!

To properly secure your storage unit you need the right lock for the job.  Will your lock actually fit?  Is it strong enough to do the job?  Do you want a padlock, combination, or cylinder style?  Is it approved for use onsite as types of locks may be banned from use?  Remember, appropriate locks are always available for sale at your manager’s office.


  • Lock your storage unit when you are away!

It is necessary to lock your unit when you are not onsite.  A locked unit is a visual deterrence to theft

Lock your storage unit when not in use.  Locking your storage unit also helps your managers maintain an accurate inventory of occupied spaces while patrolling the facility.  Make it a habit to always make check that your lock is properly secured before leaving your storage facility.


  • Lock your storage unit while you are onsite!

Make a habit of locking your storage space you step away, even for a short time.  Heading to the office?  You should lock your storage space.  Using the onsite dumpster?  Lock your unit.  Heading out for a quick lunch?  Lock your unit.  A good rule to follow is to lock your storage unit whenever you are not actively packing/unpacking.


It’s cheap and easy to be safe, so use your lock!