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Which storage facility should you choose?

While we all use storage for different reasons, the factor we often use to choose a facility is LOCATION!  Keep these things in mind when picking your self storage space based on location.


HOUSEHOLD STORAGE: When storing household items the distance to your home is often the main factor in deciding which storage location to choose.

Your choice might depend on the kind of items you place in storage: when storing valuables you might want the quick access of a nearby facility. Or you might just like having your items close by, even if they aren’t needed often.  If you plan to take your time at storage when using your space, a facility closer to your home might make those longer visits easier. For example, people using storage to organize for a yard sale should pick a location that is convenient for frequent trips and longer stays.  If you store household items like paper products that you buy in bulk, having storage between the big box store and your home might make the most sense.

Of course, you probably won’t need regular access when storing seasonal or large bulky items. In this case proximity might not be as important and you should consider factors in your choice. Picking a storage facility that has the best selection of boxes could be reason for you.  Or one that has truck rentals.  Picking a location with the best managers is also a winning reason!


BUSINESS STORAGE: Location is also important if you use your storage for work or business.

First, you should decide whether you need your stored items close to your place of work. If storing inventory that you need on a daily or regular basis, a location close to your business is the best choice.  Or, maybe you prefer to use a storage facility that is on your way to / from work. Storage is especially useful if your business keeps you on the road. Sales and marketing professionals often choose a location on their sales route so it is easy to grab the supplies and inventory they need on the go.

SPECIAL STORAGE: Also consider location when choosing a facility for your "special" storage needs.

Moving? You need to consider if storage works better close to where you are moving from or where you are moving to. If you are at storage frequently to move items as they are boxed up, having storage close to your home makes sense. If you put things in storage that you won't need until the actual move, a storage unit closer to your new home could be more convenient

You can ask the same question when storing your vehicles.  Does it save time to store your boat at a location close to where you recreate like Big Bear Lake?  Or is it more convenient to have your RV closer to home for the quick weekend road trip?


As you see, there are many ways to think about the location of our storage space.  Of course, there are other things to consider, too, and we will discuss some in future blog posts!